Is moong dal laddu good for diabetic peoples

There are many questions that come to the diabetic’s minds. Can I eat this, can I eat that etc.
Diaabetic mostly worry about to eat sweet. Now as usual here is the question, can diabetics eat moong dal laddu? Let’s see in this blog.
Moong dal is a healthiest pluse with GI 38. Moong dal is a rich in protein, nutritions which is good for your heart too.
Perfect for diabetes world.


How to make sugar free moong dal laddu?

We used ingredient which are suitable for diabetes:
1 Cup Roasted Moong Dal Powder , ½ Grated Coconut, 2 tbsp Dates Paste, 1 tbsp Coconut Oil , ½ Cup Grated Dry Coconut , ½ Cup Sesame Seeds,1 tsp Dry Dates Powder, ¼ tsp Cardamom Powder. You can see we are not using sugar for this recipe.

Lets start.
Dry Roast moong dal in a pan till they become golden brown. Make moong dal powder.
Roast dry grated coconut, sesame seeds. Make fine paste of grated coconut and dates.
Heat coconut oil in a pan, add the ground paste, and cook for 5 mins and Keep stirring till golden brown consistency.
Put off the flame and cool.
Take a big plate, put roasted moong dal powder and add the ground paste, roasted dry grated coconut, sesame seeds, dry dates powder, cardamom powder and knead well to bring to binding consistency.
Enjoy Moong Dal Laddu, sugar-free and delicious, specially made for diabetes world.

Laddu are ready to serve.

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