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In today’s fast-paced digital world, startups and creators face a myriad of challenges in establishing a compelling online presence. Designify emerges as the go-to solution, offering a comprehensive suite of design and development services tailored to meet the unique needs of burgeoning businesses. With a promise of unlimited tasks, swift delivery, and unmatched flexibility, Designify revolutionizes how startups approach their digital strategies.

What is Designify?

Designify is a subscription-based service that provides unlimited design and development tasks for startups and creators. For a flat monthly fee, subscribers gain access to a plethora of services including UI/UX design, web and app development, branding, digital advertising, and copywriting. The service is designed to be a one-stop-shop, eliminating the need to juggle multiple freelancers or costly agencies.

Key Features and Benefits

Unlimited Tasks and Revisions

One of Designify’s standout features is the ability to request unlimited tasks and iterations. This means that you can continually refine and perfect your projects until they meet your exact standards. With a turnaround time of less than 48 hours for most tasks, Designify ensures that your projects move forward swiftly and efficiently.

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Flexible Subscription Plans

Designify offers several pricing plans to accommodate different needs and budgets:

  • Standard Plan: Ideal for those who already have a developer and need consistent design help.
  • Pro Plan: Best for comprehensive design and development needs, with a special introductory offer.
  • Enterprise Plan: Perfect for businesses seeking an all-encompassing service including design, development, and copywriting.

All plans come with the flexibility to pause or cancel at any time, making it easy to adjust your subscription as your business evolves.

Pre-Qualified Professionals

Unlike the unpredictable nature of freelancers or the high costs of traditional agencies, Designify boasts a team of pre-qualified professionals dedicated to delivering high-quality results. This ensures a consistent and reliable service that is both cost-effective and results-oriented.

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Swift Task Initiation and Delivery

Designify begins working on your tasks within 12 hours of submission, with a standard turnaround time of less than 48 hours for most projects. This rapid response time helps keep your business agile and responsive to market demands.

Why Choose Designify Over Other Options?


While freelancers may seem like a budget-friendly option, they often deliver inconsistent results and may lack a deep understanding of your brand’s essence. Designify mitigates these risks by providing a dedicated team that is committed to understanding and enhancing your brand.

Traditional Agencies

Agencies, though reliable, come with hefty invoices, cumbersome processes, and layers of bureaucracy. Many agencies also outsource work to freelancers, adding another layer of complexity. Designify offers the reliability of an agency with the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of a freelancer.

In-House Teams

Building an in-house team offers direct control but comes with high overhead costs, ongoing training needs, and slower processes. Designify provides the benefits of an in-house team without the associated challenges, delivering high-quality work at a fraction of the cost.

Comprehensive Service Offerings

Designify’s extensive range of services includes:

  • UI/UX Design: Create intuitive and engaging user interfaces for web and mobile applications.
  • Web and App Development: Develop responsive and robust websites and apps tailored to your business needs.
  • Branding: Craft a strong brand identity with logo design, business cards, and more.
  • Digital Ads: Design eye-catching digital ads to drive traffic and conversions.
  • Copywriting: Produce compelling copy for sales pages, landing pages, ads, and other marketing materials.

Customer-Centric Policies

Designify’s customer-centric approach includes a hassle-free cancellation policy and a generous refund policy. Subscribers can cancel their subscription at any time without penalty. Additionally, Designify offers a 60-day refund period under specific conditions, ensuring that clients only pay for services they are satisfied with.

Special Offer: Strategy Call with the Founder

For a limited time, Designify is offering a free 40-minute call with the founder. This session is an excellent opportunity to discuss your design strategy, gain insights, and explore how Designify can help elevate your brand.

Real Success Stories

Designify’s portfolio showcases a diverse range of successful projects, from marketing landing pages to finance apps and luxury fashion websites. These case studies demonstrate the transformative impact Designify can have on your digital presence.


Designify stands out as a premier partner for startups and creators seeking to enhance their digital footprint. With its unlimited tasks, rapid turnaround, flexible plans, and dedicated team of professionals, Designify provides a seamless, cost-effective, and efficient solution for all your design and development needs. Embrace the future of digital design with Designify and take your startup to new heights. Ready to get started?

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