5 Methods to Download VPN In China [2024]

There are X working methods in which you can download a VPN in China:

  1. Find and select a VPN that works in China
  2. Install the VPN before going to China
  3. Sideload a VPN apk on your device
  4. Use mirror downloading sites
  5. Visit Hong Kong and get a sim

Select a VPN that Works

To enjoy a VPN connection in China, you must ensure that your selected VPN works perfectly despite China’s great firewall. The Chinese government has restricted VPN usage in the country, allowing only registered VPNs to be used by Chinese citizens.

As a result, many popular VPNs, such as Express VPN, Nord VPN, and Surfshark VPN, don’t work at all despite their constant advertisements and marketing campaigns. 

Here are some reviews from real users:

Nord VPN user review

Nord VPN User Review






This user got the fact validated that Nord VPN doesn’t work in China, but it’s backed up by giant platforms like Techradar, which claim that it works. We all know big brands like Nord do these marketing stunts, and it’s very common if you ask me.

Another user shared his review on Nord VPN in China:

Nord VPN User Review - 2

Nord VPN User Review – 2








The only VPN protocol that works in China is Shadowsocks. Along with it, V2Ray and XRay protocols also help to bypass strict censorship in China, according to many users:

Symlex VPN User In China

Symlex VPN User In China

VPNs like Astrill VPN, Symlex VPN, and other popular China VPN apps work seamlessly in China. Although Astrill VPN’s speed is an issue for many users, other VPNs provide decent speed combined with security and censorship bypass.

1. Install the VPN Arriving In China

You can use a VPN in China if you install it on your device before arriving in China. Many people who travel to China do this trick but remember, it won’t do any good if you install a VPN already blocked in China. So follow the instructions mentioned above to ensure the VPN works and install it before going to China.

2. Sideload a VPN APK on Your Device

Another way of downloading and using a VPN in China is to sideload the APK or EXE file on your device. Find the VPN that works in China, download the APK for Android or exe for Windows platform, and install it accordingly before going to China.

3. Use Mirror Downloading Sites

Some VPNs’ official sites are blocked by default in China, so you cannot browse the site to download the VPN application. Many VPNs now offer mirror sites of their official websites in different domains so you can access and download VPN in China.

For example, Surfshark VPN’s China site is: https://surfy-chinaz.com/

4. Visit Hong Kong and Get a Sim

Many users have reported that a travel sim from Hong Kong allows you to bypass China’s great firewall without a VPN. However, traveling to another country is a hassle and expensive if you ask me. I wouldn’t have done that just to bypass censorship.

Here are some user reports we found:

Why Do You Need a VPN In China In 2024?

In 2024, using a VPN in China will become increasingly important. The Chinese government is known for its strong internet censorship policies, commonly called the Great Firewall of China

This system blocks access to numerous foreign websites, news outlets, and social media platforms like Google, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. 

A VPN enables users to circumvent these restrictions by masking their location and encrypting their internet traffic, granting them access to blocked content.

Secondly, China has gained notoriety for its pervasive surveillance practices, employing techniques like deep packet inspection (DPI) to identify and potentially block VPN traffic. A VPN service with robust security measures can help protect users’ privacy and evade detection by Chinese authorities, ensuring their online activities remain private.

Thirdly, maintaining privacy and security in China is crucial, as the country has a track record of monitoring and tracking internet activity. Using a VPN becomes essential for safeguarding users’ data and online presence from potential surveillance or breaches.

Lastly, a reliable VPN can provide fast and stable connections within China, crucial for seamless streaming, downloading, and browsing experiences

As internet speeds and quality vary nationwide, a VPN can help ensure consistent and uninterrupted access to online content and services.

Final Thoughts

We hope you can now download a VPN in China without any hassle. VPNs are a great tool for maintaining security and privacy in an unsecured internet world. Make sure to abide by the laws and regulations of the country you’re visiting, and use a VPN that never logs your data and sells it to the government and advertisers. Meanwhile you can try Symlex VPN – best china VPN for android, iOS, Windows, etc.

Disclaimer: In China, using VPNs not approved by the government might be illegal. However, there have been no documented cases of the government prosecuting foreigners or individuals for this, as they have only penalized and prosecuted Chinese citizens who have unlawfully established and distributed unapproved VPNs. The good news is that you can use Symlex VPN in China without any worries.


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