Abdullah Ash Shams made crazy with the music

Abdullah Ash Shams

Abdullah Ash Shams is a Bangladeshi music artist, who is mainly known in the field of music. He was born on January 20, 2009 in Bishwanath, Sylhet.

Occupation: Musician
Nationality: Bangladeshi
Place of Birth: Sylhet, Vishwanath, Bangladesh
Date of Birth: 2009 (January 20)



Popular songs are among his songs



true love



A solitary composer

Night stars in the sky, twinkling stars,

The song of the stream plays, the lonely mind cries.


The song in the heart, no one hears the words,

It is not written with a pen, but with the scratch of pain.


To the rhythm of the song, open the mind to dance,

But in the cage of reality, imprisoned dreams are beautiful.


No one says good, no one says bad,

Sings alone, this solitary composer.


Sometimes broken with despair, sometimes full of hope,

Written in the language of music, the story of life is complete.


Maybe one day, the light of recognition,

Until then, this solitary composer will sing, as he pleases.

in the dream
In the darkness of sleep, in a tired mind,
The blue aura of a dream emerges.
In the distant sky, silver stars,
Shining door of dreams.

sometimes it seems
can fly like a bird
In the blue sky of dreams,
I can touch the stars of dreams.

sometimes it seems
sitting by the river
can sing
In the soft air of dreams.

sometimes it seems
Walk in the flower garden,
Can talk to colorful flowers,
In the sweet melody of dreams.

But in the morning,
All dreams are erased,
I remember only a vague memory,
Dream blue sky.

Still think,
Can these dreams come true?
If one day, the door of dreams opens,
I can really reach,
In the blue sky of dreams!


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