Features That Make vmedulife Best Online Assignment Management System

You Can Thank Us Later : 6 Features That Make vmedulife Best Online Assignment Management System

Everyone’s academic path begins with educational institutions. They hope to receive the brightest students and help them advance in their future. Homework, evaluation tests, exam papers, and, of course, assignments are all part of the academic experience. Assignments are necessary for academic success. Internal grades are generated depending on a variety of factors, with assignments being one of the most essential.

Due to the fact that assignments benefit both teachers and students, an online assignment management system is no longer a luxury but a need. Some of these shifts, according to experts, will be permanent. Students’ retention of knowledge has improved because of online assignments.

One thing you can do as an instructor is to be open to new ideas so that your pupils can benefit from the online tasks you give them and understand the concepts you’re teaching them.

For this sole purpose, vmedulife brings an online assignment management system for each Institute that strives to make student learning more fun, creative, yet progressive.

Let’s see some of the key features our software possesses that can help fulfil our common vision of making the education industry healthier…

  1. Ensuring Safety and Individuality

The fact that the online assignment provided by a student may only be read by the teacher and not by other students is a very safe and secure feature that this platform provides for teachers. In this way, a teacher can understand the strengths and weaknesses of each student separately, which makes evaluation a little stressful.

  1. A student’s whole data available at a click

Due to assignments taken online, it has become really simple for a mentor or guardian to ask for a particular student’s academic performance in the forms of all assignments of each subject he or she has submitted. This can give a clearer picture of the wholesome progress of that particular student which helps in addressing and analyzing issues if any.

  1. Grade Scaling with plenty of room

Teachers assign grades, which are based on a student’s performance. To ensure good scores, instructions and remarks for projects and assignments are recorded. It really becomes less tiresome for teachers to distribute grades with an online assignment management system.

  1. Grade Representation in Graphics

The importance of feedback in the overall growth of a student cannot be overstated. As a result, pupils can receive grading in the form of graphical representations in addition to the teacher’s review. It assists pupils in taking a look at their performance and analyzing their errors. It’s how the online assignment management system by vmedulife aids in the evaluation of students’ work.

  1. Various types of assignment options

There are some types of assignments that can easily take place with this software than done with pen and paper. Teachers can also distribute ppt, pdf, word files, and many sorts of quizzes while sharing assignments. Teachers can link digital content/resources for reference when delivering those as well.

  1. Outcome Attainment

The curriculum, completion of the syllabus, continual evaluation (internal evaluation), setting up of the question paper, assessment, and result are all used to assess the course outcome. Tests, quizzes, written assignments, paper presentations, oral presentations, field activities, and other methods are used to evaluate students on a continuous basis.

  1. Convenience for teachers

Teachers might request that students submit their homework in the form of a drive file, a word document, or a PDF. This platform also allows you to include the due date when sharing an assignment with students and create a reminder for them so that they don’t forget to turn it in on time.


Let’s take a minute before we go into online learning and assignments to recognize that today’s generation is far more comfortable with technology than we all are. However, we do not need to be concerned with being perfect. Let’s allow ourselves to try and explore with their language of comfort and being modern. Connect with vmedulife for online assignment management software and take a step closer to your students.

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