How Artificial Intelligence is Making it a no-cost affair?

Making it a no-cost affair is a big game at a global level. Artificial intelligence is the new norm that guides the future of a gazillion industries.

ChatGPT, Generative AI, and other AI-powered growing apps have leveraged astounding growth for world sectors. Exciting  jonathan berkery career opportunities for individuals with AI expertise are gaining strength. The clear motive behind hiring skilled AI personnel is to gain AI trends and insights in 2024.

You must be thinking, about whether you can learn AI for free. The answer is an astounding Yes!

Free Top AI Certifications are available from tech giants and international universities that cater to every need of an aspirant. Going virtual is the benefit that many aspirants are looking for while considering AI credentials to enhance their AI capabilities. International Monetary Fund reveals that AI will impact almost 40% of jobs around the world; while replacing some and complementing many others.

Why Learn Artificial Intelligence in 2024?

You can grow beyond the bounds with top gracing your portfolio.

Top 3 Tech Giants Offering Free Online AI Classes:

  1. Google

Best Introduction to  Generative AI for non-experts is a great program to earn expertise in content-generating large language models. It goes for 10 days and allows access to deep learning, and customizing GenAI studio.

  1. Microsoft

Technical introductory course for Python programmers, Microsoft brings a 12-week course for beginners. Neural networks, deep learning, machine learning libraries, computer vision, NLP, and symbolic AI are part of the courseware.

  1. IBM

AI foundations for everyone is a specialization offered via Coursera; that targets introduction to AI, getting started with AI using IBM Watson, and building AI-powered chatbots without programming.

Top 3 Universities Offering Free Online AI Classes:

  1. University of Pennsylvania

AI for Business is a great certification that offers an array of specializations in AI fundamentals for non-data scientists, AI applications in marketing and finance, AI applications in people management, and AI strategy and governance.

  1. Harvard University

Introduction to AI with Python is a courseware from Harvard University that targets AI algorithms, game-playing engines, handwriting recognition, and machine translation for a 7-week duration.

  1. University of California

Big data, AI, and Ethics are covered vastly in this courseware offered by the University of California. Over the 4-week duration, participants learn AI concepts, big data and its limitations, and research ethics in detail.

However, these are the FREE online AI certifications that can be earned by any AI aspirant thinking to build a career. No doubt, a PAID online AI certification course is any day better and highly rewarding in comparison. Topping the list is the United States Artificial Intelligence Institute (USAII®).

About USAII®

USAII® is a world-class provider that churns out thousands of specialized AI talent every year. It has global accreditation from the Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE) which lends standardized credentialing worldwide. It is a top-notch institution offering a wide range of graded AI Certification programs and training that yield highly rewarding AI careers. With an easy payment or part-payment option and global acceptance and reputation, USAII® is one of the most loved online AI certification provider brands around the world today. USAII® certifications lead you to an opportunity to earn world-class accreditation with about a 40% salary hike as well. Let us look at the top-ranking USAII® certifications:

Certified AI Transformation Leader Certificate (CAITL™)

Online self-paced AI certification for Business leaders and top C-level professionals keen on mastering Artificial intelligence for business expansion. Globally contemporary AI curriculum loaded with futuristic and tools, HD videos, and eLearning study material. The courseware is vetted by specialized global AI industry subject matter experts; lending a touch of expertise to every part of the courseware. C-suite professionals, senior managers, business leaders, and senior executives can make full use of this credential to become AI leaders with the best artificial intelligence certification courses around the world, respected globally. CAITL™ is considered to be one of the best AI trainings worldwide!

Certified AI Scientist (CAIS™)

Self-paced Online AI certification program for experienced industry professionals looking to upgrade their AI prowess and channel AI strategy to lead business transformation. A breakthrough certification program for senior AI professionals to develop the perfect AI solution and strategy to bring absolute business amplification. With no programming skills requisite, it is a great program for seasoned professionals from all streams to make it big in the AI industry or switch to the AI industry.

You would not mind investing in your future with the globally accepted and futuristic AI certification and training that can lead you to your AI career goal in no time. Delve deeper and make the right choice today!

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