Mosquito Nets Installation, The Key To Avoid Mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes are Dangerous

Mosquitoes, when you hear the word one will be reminded of the buzzing irritating sound and the bite. But in the background with the bite comes a lot of problems which is related to health. Many people are not aware of this and casually try to ward of the mosquitoes. But these mosquitoes should be avoided like we do with the poisonous snakes. Because virus through the mosquito bites causes Chikungunya, Dengue, Malaria, Zika Virus, Yellow Fever, Nile Virus, etc. Some of the virus diseases mentioned can affect the health and maybe in a period of some days will go away. But some of the diseases caused by mosquitoes are life threatening. Imagine a new born baby getting bitten by the mosquitoes or an elderly person getting bitten by the mosquitoes and having to face health issues. The data shows that many people die due to mosquito related diseases. So this should be taken seriously as the mosquitoes are in fact dangerous.


Prevention of Mosquitoes

There are some things which can be done by us to help in avoiding the mosquitoes breeding. The basic and the foremost thing is to keep the place clean whether be it the house or workplace. Keep it clean and the floors and restrooms should be cleaned with cleaning liquid. The next thing is to make sure there is no stagnant water, not only inside but also outside the premises. A small pool of water can breed hundreds of mosquitoes and then it keeps multiplying itself. Even flower pots sometimes can help in breeding of the mosquitoes. Rain water storage areas, terraces, barrels, water tank, etc. are also places where mosquitoes can breed so it is better to keep them closed or if not wanted then it should be emptied or cleaned. Swimming pools and fish pools should have running water otherwise that can also cause mosquito breeding. Apart from cleaning and keeping an eye on the stagnant water one more thing is to keep the windows and door shut in the evening. Mosquitoes rarely enter the house during the daytime.


The Best Solution For Mosquitoes

As far as I know the best and the only solution is the installation of mosquito nets. Even if all the steps are taken and if the windows and doors are open then mosquitoes are guests into your house. So mosquito net fixing is the best solution. These nets are used for many places such as windows, doors, balcony, ventilators, exhaust area, etc. Different types of materials are used for making mosquito nets. Normal fiberglass nets are used which is called a removable sticker type and these are low cost. Then there are mosquito nets which are made of aluminum frame and stainless steel nets which are on the higher cost side. Instead of thinking about the expenses which might happen during the fixing of the mosquito nets it is better to focus on the advantages it can give. Most importantly it blocks the mosquitoes from entering into your place. The original window can be kept open if you need air flow or light as the window mosquito net will block the mosquitoes but allowing the air flow and light. As far as now this is an absolute mandatory work in your house to protect yourself and your family members.

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