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Clear 200 ML Water Bottles

Our most popular easy-fit 200 ml mineral water bottle for your grab-and-go hydration needs. It’s the perfect balance of portability and refreshment – whether at the gym, office, meeting or on your travels. Safe and Clean drinking water with added minerals made for the everyday man.

Perfectly sized for refreshment on the go, this 200ml Mineral Bottle is your ideal hydration companion. Whether you’re hitting the gym, exploring the outdoors, or simply need a quick pick-me-up, this convenient size ensures that you can be your #UNSTOPPABLE self with a refreshing burst of Clear Premium Water. Your pani partner can comfortably fit in your pocket or your bags to be there for your adventures. Build a healthy water habit with many of these tiny companions all throughout your day.

Be it for the long haul or a short sip, Clear pani is available in 200 ml Water Bottle500 ml Water Bottle,  1 Litre Water Bottle, 2 Litre as well as an added range of Natural Mineral Water and Volcanic Mineral Water.

Being India’s trusted premium water, Clear pani ensures access to clean and safe drinking water all across the nation and to make a clear impact.

  • 121 Quality Checks

  •  11 stage Purification Process

  • Added Minerals

  • Zero Discharge 

  • Vertically integrated

  • Untouched till you drink it

  • Fully Automated Manufacturing

BEST BEFORE 12 MONTHS FROM THE DATE OF MANUFACTURE. (Read the instructions on the bottle for more information)


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