The 2025 MINI Cooper Hardtop is a testament to enduring design and forward-thinking innovation. It retains the classic charm that has defined MINI for generations while incorporating modern features like distinctive LED headlights, eco-friendly wheels, and a unique taillight design. This vehicle combines performance, efficiency, and environmental consciousness in a compact, stylish package, making it an ideal choice for contemporary urban drivers seeking flair and functionality.


The 2025 MINI Cooper Hardtop interior is a sanctuary of sustainable luxury and innovative design. Greeted by a dashboard composed of up to 90% recycled materials, its commitment to eco-friendliness doesn’t compromise on style, beautifully complemented by 2D-knit surfaces and a multifunctional steering wheel. The 9.4″ round OLED display and the iconic MINI Toggle Bar are central to this immersive environment, bringing cutting-edge technology to your fingertips. The vehicle further distinguishes itself with leather-free upholstery and Vescin/cloth seating. It offers unparalleled comfort and smooth touch, embodying MINI’s philosophy of blending iconic design with forward-thinking sustainability.


The 2025 MINI Cooper Hardtop captivates with its blend of iconic charm and innovative design elements. Signature round LED front headlights to define its facade, offering three distinct driving light signatures that underscore its unmistakable MINI identity. Upon entry, a MINI logo projection welcomes drivers and passengers, adding a personalized touch. Departing from convention, the Hardtop features uniquely triangular taillights, distinguishing it from the traditional rounded design. Complementing its impactful silhouette, 18″ Slide Spoke 2-tone wheels, made from 70% recycled aluminum, underscore the vehicle’s commitment to sustainability without compromising style.



The 2025 MINI Cooper Hardtop raises the bar with two dynamic trims: the Cooper C and Cooper S, both powered by a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine. While the horsepower for the entry-level Cooper C remains under wraps, the Cooper S boasts an impressive 201 horsepower, marking a significant 12 horsepower increase over the previous year’s model. This enhancement underlines MINI’s commitment to providing exhilarating performance and efficiency, ensuring a more robust and engaging driving experience in the latest iteration of this iconic vehicle.


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