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  • In around 2 lakh sections of land, ranchers were sitting tight for the potato reap.
  • Nonetheless, potato plants can’t endure downpours after they have proactively been planted.
  • The roots will rot, prompting bad quality yields, said Bhaktaram Dish, area leader of All India Kisan Sabha (AIKS).

The horrendous downpour in December in West Bengal affects farming in the state. In the rice bowl of the state, Burdwan, ranchers are confused as they consider ways of adapting to the harm. Water has immersed the fields, and the Kharif rice, yet to be cut, is still in the fields.

The high-yielding assortment of paddy that is by and large developed in West Bengal can’t endure water in that frame of mind for over eight hours at a stretch. Hence, numerous ranchers who were sitting tight at the cost of the paddy to rise are presently confronting extreme misfortunes. NewsClick talked with Asit Crap, a rancher from Memory in Burdwan who had planted the khas assortment of paddy in the fields.

Unexpected Rain on the West Bengal Agriculture

In the adjoining Hooghly area, where around 4 lakh hectares of land is arable, the condition is surprisingly more terrible.

Ranchers, particularly sharecroppers, from Northern regions of West Bengal are likewise gazing at an emergency because of the unexpected downpour.

The precipitation began the morning of December 6. The weather conditions division’s Area Level Weather conditions Gauge for Gangetic West Bengal announced “light to direct rain with a roar” in the regions of West Bengal on December 7. Will be there ASAP for “light downpour with a roar” in Murshidabad and Nadia Locale on December 8.

This was the time of a man rice yet a downpour broke all expectations of Mainuddin Haq, a little rancher from Tildanga town, Farakka, who developed paddy on two bighas of land.

Mainuddin trusts that he can save half of the absolute development. In any case, his neighbor, Moinul Haq, couldn’t cut any paddy whatsoever. He developed paddy on four bighas of land, and the paddy is still in the fields.

Kabatulla Mian, a sharecropper from Nabagram, Murshidabad, is likewise confronting an enormous misfortune this year because of this downpour. He developed paddy on four bighas of land. He expressed that for each bigha, he contributed Rs 8,000. He was anticipating six quintals of paddy.

The ranchers from Kiriteshwari Gram Panchayat and Narayanpur Gram Panchayat of Nabagram block are confronting a comparative situation.

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