AI Revolution: 3D Art Enhancements, ChatGPT Earbuds, and Stable Diffusion 3 API Launch

Blockade Labs improves quality  AI-generated 3D art for 360-degree apps

AI News Blockade Labs has announced significant updates to its Skybox AI, enhancing its capability as the leading platform for creating 360-degree AI-generated environment art. With these updates, Skybox AI now supports 8K resolution, providing even higher-quality visuals for immersive applications. This upgrade makes it ideal for use with advanced mixed-reality headsets like the Apple Vision Pro. Marguerite deCourcelle, CEO of Blockade Labs, shared these insights in an interview with Games Beat, where she is also slated to speak at the upcoming GamesBeat Summit 2024. She highlighted the technological advancements in Skybox AI, which now includes features such as remix, sketch-to-skybox, depth maps, HDRIs, and the conversion of skyboxes to 3D mesh, enhancing the platform’s versatility and user engagement.
Since its initial launch a year ago, Skybox AI has been adopted by over 1.5 million users across various industries, including entertainment, gaming, VR, and education, generating more than 10 million Skyboxes. Major corporations like NVIDIA, Accenture, and T-Mobile have utilized this technology for product demonstrations, showcasing its wide-ranging applicability.
The latest Model 3 update of Skybox AI not only enhances the visual fidelity of the skyboxes but also integrates new artistic styles and functionalities, allowing creators to produce and download art in 8K quality. This significant resolution upgrade, representing a 77% increase in pixels over the previous model, positions Skybox AI as a crucial tool for developers creating applications for the Apple Vision Pro and similar platforms.
DeCourcelle, who has a background in both fine arts and cryptocurrency, also discussed her journey from creating crypto-puzzles to founding Blockade Labs. The company aims to simplify the creation of complex art assets that are typically challenging and time-consuming to produce, thus addressing the ongoing shortage of artists and technical challenges in the industry.
Looking ahead, Blockade Labs plans to integrate Skybox AI more extensively with major platforms like Unity to expand its reach and utility. This strategic direction is aimed at supporting metaverse companies and other users who require robust, creative tools to develop immersive and interconnected digital worlds efficiently.
With its commitment to innovation and user-centric design, Blockade Labs continues to lead in the field of generative AI for 3D art, providing scalable and customizable solutions that revolutionize how digital environments are created and experienced.

Chat GPT is a squeeze away with Nothing’s upgraded earbuds

AI News Nothing has released new earbuds, with some interesting adjustments to their selection. The Nothing Ear (a) is the spiritual heir to the Nothing Ear Stick, while the recently released Nothing Ear updates the Nothing Ear (2). The incorporation of ChatGPT inside the earphones, however, is the centerpiece of today’s announcement.
The London-based startup made a risky decision by integrating Chat GPT right into its most recent earbuds, eschewing the usual AI smartphone competitors. Pinching the earphones’ stem to communicate with the AI is now possible for users of the ChatGPT app on a connected Nothing device. This is comparable to using voice assistants like Siri or Google Assistant.
Furthermore, Nothing is using Nothing OS’s system-level ChatGPT functionality to improve the user experience on Nothing handsets. This allows integrating widgets with a distinctive Nothing style and instantly sending screenshots to ChatGPT. The new earbuds will be the only ones with these features, raising the bar for AI-integrated personal audio devices.
The new Nothing Ear and Ear (a) earphones with major improvements are now available for preorder. Thanks to an upgraded driver technology, the new Ear Buds provide better audio quality and up to 25% longer battery life than their predecessors, the Ear (2). A “smart” active noise-canceling system that dynamically adapts to ambient noise levels and detects fit leakage between the ear canal and the buds is included with them.
In the meantime, Ear (a) deviates from the standard black and white designs of earlier versions by sporting a vivid yellow coloring that draws attention to its enhanced noise-canceling capabilities.
The Ear retails for $149, while the Ear (a) is priced competitively at $99. For both, shipping begins on April 22nd.

Stable Diffusion 3 API is Now Available

AI News We’re excited to launch Stable Diffusion 3 and its Turbo variant on the Stability AI Developer Platform API. According to our latest research, Stable Diffusion 3 matches or surpasses leading text-to-image generators like DALL-E 3 and Midjourney v6 in typography fidelity and prompt compliance, based on user preferences.
This version introduces the Multimodal Diffusion Transformer (MMDiT) architecture, which enhances text comprehension and spelling by utilizing distinct weight sets for image and language processing, an improvement over previous iterations.
Available now via API, we are dedicated to refining this model before its broader release. Consistent with our open AI ethos, we plan to provide model weights for self-hosting to Stability AI Members in the near future.
For details on deployment, please contact us directly. To begin using Stable Diffusion 3 API, check out our documentation page. Additionally, we are offering a limited number of spots for early access to our Stable Assistant Beta, which integrates our latest image and language models for advanced content creation.


AI News We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Fireworks AI, renowned for being the quickest and most reliable API platform available. Together, we are offering Stable Diffusion 3 and Stable Diffusion 3 Turbo through an enterprise-grade API solution that guarantees 99.9% service availability. This robust reliability is vital for enterprises that depend on our developer platform for their critical generative AI workloads, ensuring our customers can confidently execute their mission-critical tasks.


At Stability AI, we are committed to safe and responsible AI practices. From the onset of training our model to testing, evaluation, and deployment, we ensure rigorous steps are taken to prevent misuse of Stable Diffusion 3 by malicious actors. Our commitment to safety is reinforced through ongoing collaborations with researchers, experts, and the community, fostering innovation with integrity as we enhance the model.
Stable Diffusion 3 is designed to provide flexible solutions that empower individuals, developers, and enterprises to maximize their creative potential, fully aligning with our mission to unlock human possibilities.


Blockade Labs, Nothing, and Stability AI are spearheading transformative innovations in their respective fields. Blockade Labs continues to redefine immersive environment creation with Skybox AI, while Nothing integrates cutting-edge AI in personal audio devices, and Stability AI enhances image generation with Stable Diffusion 3. These advancements demonstrate the dynamic integration of AI technologies, pushing the boundaries of creativity, efficiency, and user engagement across diverse sectors.
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