Balanitis : Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

It is the inflammation of the glans of the penis, mostly it is seen in u circumscribed males
It leads to swelling pain and sometimes irritation in the affected area.
There can also be redness and discoloration, and the skin may become shiny and swollen due
to the infection.
It is an infectious condition caused by yeast and bacteria
About 10% of uncircumcised male children are affected by ease.
Sometimes it is also associated with swelling of the foreskin ( posthitis) and this condition is
called balanoposthitis
It can occur in anyone but mostly it is seen in uncircumcised males, infection is mostly caused
by yeast
At times bacteria and viruses can also cause balanitis.
Improper hygiene is the most important factor that contributes to the development of balanitis.
The foreskin traps moisture and acts as a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi
Not washing the area after urination can lead to irritation and swelling
Using harsh soaps perfume containing soaps for washing can also lead to balanitis.
Other causes of balanitis include
Yeast infections ( genital yeast/candidiasis
STDan also leads to inflamed foreskin
Allergy to latex condoms and spermicides
Allergy to some antibiotics and painkillers
Parasitic infections such as scabies.
Medical conditions such as diabetes and arthritis ( reactive)
Injury to the foreskin.
Mostly balanitis is the result of an infection caused by fungi or bacteria but sometimes it can
also be due to noninfectious causes
It is a primary balanitis, mostly seen in middle-aged men
It causes redness and swelling in the foreskin
It is a chronic infection seen in 10% of the balanitis cases
Affected individuals may complain of pain while urination
It causes tiny sores on the head of the penis
It is caused due to reactive arthritis, which develops as a result of an infection in the body
It is rarely seen in middle-aged men and most commonly it affects people over the age of 60
years, it causes scaly warts-like lesions on the glans of the penis.
Symptoms of balanitis may appear gradually or suddenly.
The symptoms are as such :
● There may be Pain and irritation on the glans of the penis.
● There may be small discolored patches on the penis.
● Itching under the foreskin and surrounding area
● Swelling and redness on the head of the penis
● Small areas of shiny or white skin on the penis.
● White discharge can also be seen under the foreskin.
● A foul smell can be experienced from the genital region
● Pain while urinating/ peeing (dysuria)can be common among people with balanitis
● Sores or lesions on the head of the penis are mostly likely to be seen.
The treatment for balanitis depends on the cause of the diseased condition. Treatments can
● Antifungal creams. If balanitis is due to a yeast infection then , a doctor will
prescribe antifungal creams, clotrimazole can also be used to treat the
infection. The cream should be applied to the head of the penis and the foreskin.
● Antibiotics. If a sexually transmitted infection is found to be the cause of
balanitis then the doctor will treat the infection with antibiotics. The antibiotic will
depend on the type of bacteria causing the infection.
● Thoroughly cleaning the penis regularly can help to ease the symptoms .
Try to thoroughly clean the head of the penis and regularly wash and dry
under the foreskin to reduce the risk of balanitis recurrence. Scrubbing or
excessively washing the penis with harsh soaps can cause irritation and itching.
Warm water should be used instead.
maintenance of proper hygiene are helpful in case of mild
● Diabetes management. Management of diabetes plays a key role in
the improvement of symptoms caused due to balanitis caused by diabetes
● Circumcision. In case of recurring symptoms of balanitis, a surgeon may
recommend circumcision.
● Circumcision is a surgical procedure in which a surgeon removes the foreskin
covering the head of the penis. Surgeons recommend this treatment most often
for people who have a tight foreskin and in case of phimosis. If you don’t want a
full circumcision, your surgeon may recommend a dorsal slit.
● Sometimes steroidal creams can also be used for the treatment of balanitis.

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