Best Hockey Stick For Stickhandling Board

Here is a brief piece of advice for you on choosing the right hockey stick for your stickhandling board implementation. Stickhandling boards are the best devices or tools for sharpening your puck-prevention talents, and having the preferred stick can make a transitory difference in your practice sessions of ice hockey. We will try our best to let you know to make an informed decision about the ideal stick for your match.

Why Choose a Specific Stick for Stickhandling Boards?

Using the correct stick for stickhandling boards offers several advantages:

  1. Durability: Stickhandling boards can put a strain on your stick due to the repetitive motion and contact with the board’s surface. Choosing a stick designed for this purpose ensures it can withstand the rigors of intense practice sessions.
  2. Control and Feel: The right stick can enhance your feel for the puck and improve control during stickhandling drills, translating to better performance on the ice.
  3. Weight and Flexibility: Stickhandling boards often require quick, precise movements. A stick with the appropriate weight and flexibility can facilitate smoother motions and better puck manipulation.

Key Features to Consider

  1. Material: Look for sticks made from durable materials like composite or fiberglass, as they offer the strength needed for prolonged stickhandling board use.
  2. Weight: Opt for a stick with a moderate weight that allows for quick movements without sacrificing control. Too heavy a stick can slow down your drills, while an excessively light one may lack stability.
  3. Flex: Consider your playing style and strength when choosing flex. A stick with moderate flex is often a good balance for stickhandling drills, providing enough responsiveness without being too stiff or whippy.
  4. Blade Design: Stickhandling boards can wear down stick blades faster. Choose a stick with a sturdy blade design that can withstand frequent contact with the board’s surface.

Top Picks for Stickhandling Board Sticks

  1. Bauer Nexus 2N Pro Stick: Known for its durability and excellent puck feel, this stick offers a balanced blend of strength and responsiveness ideal for stickhandling drills.
  2. CCM Ribcor Trigger 4 Pro Stick: With a focus on control and quick release, this stick’s design is well-suited for stickhandling board practice, allowing for precise puck handling.
  3. Warrior Alpha DX Stick: Featuring a low kick point for quick shots and maneuvers, this stick provides the agility needed for stickhandling drills while maintaining durability.
  4. True AX9 Stick: Designed for versatility and performance, this stick offers a responsive feel and durability that makes it a solid choice for stickhandling board use.
  5. Sher-Wood Rekker M90 Stick: With a focus on lightweight performance and durability, this stick is designed to withstand rigorous training sessions on stickhandling boards.


Selecting the right hockey stick for stickhandling board practice can significantly impact your development as a player. Consider factors like material, weight, flex, and blade design to choose a stick that complements your training needs. With the right stick in hand, you’ll be well-equipped to hone your stickhandling skills and elevate your game on the ice hockey.

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