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If you want the best resort in Kanatal, then you are in the right place. Drona Hills Resort offers 10 rooms at very affordable prices with excellent services. Our resort is very spacious. All of our rooms have been crafted by hand using natural and local materials. Come and stay at Kanatal’s Best Resort.

Book a resort in Kanatal at Drona Hills Resort. Know about the safest and most hygienic resort, Kanatal, which follows safety measures like hygienic rooms, trained staff, and sanitised indoors. Get the best deals and discounts when you book Kanatal Resort & Hotel. Get up to 15% off.

Everyone should go on vacation every year. Now is a great time to take a vacation and explore the natural beauty. If you have made the final decision, go on vacation, but the main important question is where. Kanatal is the best place to explore natural beauty and adventure.

Kanatal is the most visited destination in Uttarakhand because Kanatal is known as the “Heart of Uttarakhand.” Actually, Kanatal is the most peaceful place for tourists, and each year, a large number of tourists come here with friends and family to explore the magical hills station, go trekking, bird watching, and stay at one of the many resorts available. Drona Hills Resort is the best resort in Kanatal, with all accommodations available to suit your budget.

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