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A female sexual patient suffering from Vaginismus:

Are you a married person? Your female partner does not have any interest in the sexual activity. You tried to inquire about his problem, but she ignored making an excuse it again and again. One day, when you were insisting on taking a part in the sexual intercourse with her. She cried and pushed you away for a while. You could not understand her problem but politely, you asked her problem why she was doing so. She started crying bitterly and said that she did not know why her vaginal area became tense involuntarily during sexual intercourse.

She also told him that she felt a lot of pain when he came inside her. That’s why; she ignored him and was not interested in this sexual activity. Really, this is a serious matter for the couple that both were not enjoying their sexual life properly.

On this topic, the best sexologist doctor in Patna Dr. Sunil Dubey says that Vaginismus is a female sexual problem. In this situation, a female gets her vaginal and around its area spontaneous tight due to unintentional muscle spasms. She does not define it why it happens with her in this situation. Female does not share her problem to her partner because she was unknown to this unintentional event.

About Causes and Symptoms of Vaginismus:

The world famous Ayurvedacharya Dr. Sunil Dubey says that there is no any exact cause is known to this Vaginismus sexual problem as yet. In fact, it is a painful sexual disease for a woman. On the basis of symptoms, we can understand this sexual dysfunction.

Symptoms of Vaginismus may appear in a woman in late adolescence or early adulthood, when she has sexual intercourse with a male partner for the first time in her life. This situation can occur when a woman tries to insert a tampon in her private parts for the first time. He said; according to pelvic examination it becomes very clear how much these sexual problems affect a woman. It is also helpful to the treatment for the patient.

Factors for the Vaginismus in women:

On his daily practice experience, this best sexologist doctor in Bihar said that he provides his treatment and medicine to both men and women. When a woman comes to Dubey Clinic with her partner, she tells about the sexual problems which are as follows:-

  • Anxiety Disorder
  • Childhood injuries (vaginal tear)
  • Pre-surgery of Vaginal
  • Fear of sexual intercourse
  • Previous sexual abuse
  • Malicious Trauma or Incident
  • Negative feelings about sexual life

About Treatment and Medication:

Dr. Sunil Dubey says that Ayurvedic treatment and medication is always best option for sexual issues or any problem. In this female sexual dysfunction case, he says that the patient with Vaginismus needs to psychological help, understanding and clear thought about sexual activity, sexual counseling, cognitive behavior therapies, and support of positive feeling about sexual life. The pelvic floor exercise always helps them to avoid this sexual problem during the medication.

He has been the most successful Ayurvedic medicine researcher who has discovered plenty of medicines for men and women sexual patients. He also says that in this case, the female should do Kegel exercise and follow the important guidelines of sexologist doctor’s tips.

In case of Vaginismus, the woman always suffers from discomfort, burning sensation, itching around the vaginal area, bleeding after intercourse, yeast infection, frequent urge to urinate and most of all running away from sexual activity or desire. In this situation, the experienced Ayurveda and Sexology medical science expert doctor easily solves this sexual patient providing the holistic remedies in connection with her problem.

Make an appointment at Dubey Clinic to get rid of your sexual problems permanently:

If you are a sexual patient, it does not matter whether you are male or female; the matter is to consult the most trusted sexual health care doctor. He will provide complete solution to your problem. Dubey Clinic is Asia’s No.1 Ayurveda and Sexology Medical Science Clinic which has been providing its treatment and medicine privileges to sex patients all over India for more than 60 years. With over 6 decades of experience, this clinic has always stood on the trust of millions of people in India.

Make an appointment at Dubey Clinic over the phone. Come to the clinic on time and consult world renowned clinical sexologist Dr. Sunil Dubey. More than six lakh sexual patients have so far benefited from Dubey Clinic.

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