Embracing Change: March Creative Exploration at Dya Australia

March at Dya Australia is all about ‘Transitions’ – a month dedicated to exploring the beauty and challenges of change through creative expression. As we bid farewell to summer and welcome the crisp air of autumn, we delve into how transitions shape our lives, thoughts, and creative processes.

Corporate Program Highlight:

Paint your Colleague

“Paint Your Colleague,” in line with March’s theme of “Transitions,” offers a creative platform for corporate teams to embrace change and foster deeper connections. Through the process of painting a colleague, participants explore the evolving dynamics of their relationships, reflecting the transitional nature of both personal and professional interactions. This program not only encourages creative expression but also highlights the fluidity and growth inherent in workplace relationships, making it a fitting highlight for this month’s theme.

Education Program Highlight:

Riding on a Beam of Light

The “Riding on a Beam of Light” program is an educational initiative that resonates with the theme of “Transitions.” This program offers students a unique way to explore scientific concepts and historical figures in a creative and engaging manner. It’s particularly relevant for stimulating curiosity and fostering a deeper understanding of science and its impact on the world, which aligns well with the idea of transitions and change.

Journey Through Art’s Evolutions:

This March, immerse yourself in the theme of ‘Transitions’ by connecting with the transformative epochs of art history. Our workshops guide participants to explore and draw inspiration from the pivotal transitions that have shaped artistic expression throughout the ages. This exploration not only enriches understanding of art’s evolution but also mirrors the ongoing narrative of change, highlighting creativity’s role in both reflecting and shaping the passage of time. Read more

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