EndeWaynad Resort

Ende Wayanad Resort is nature’s paradise that nature lovers adore! In the core of Wayanad, this resort captures innumerable sights and sounds that make it amusing. Everything you have ever seen in the world, unfolds before you at Ende Wayanad Resort. Positioned on the bank of an enchanting river kabini that are largely covered with cardamom plantation and luxuriant vegetation- it is an idyllic place for relaxation and peace. One cannot resist the sweet scent of untarnished creation by Mother Nature herself.

At our resort, anyone who chooses to stay with us will get the most up-to-date information about this place called Wayanad; there are just too much in Wayanad that can’t be discovered through the internet or brochures.…

This place would be perfect for an awesome vacation given it is surrounded by beautiful sceneries such as extraordinary country side, forested valleys, lakes and wildlife. As a result, some animals like elephants and jungle cats can sometimes be seen inhabiting this area In addition, you can only book for Wayanad’s single and double bedrooms individually as well as a whole villa having two sleeping rooms. Another important characteristic of their residences is that they face River Kabini therefore making one’s stay there memorable Ende Wayanad Resort is well known for the provision of the best accommodation facilities . We give you an unconventional setting that promises to offer a taste of heaven

The resort near Kabini River in Wayanad has an evergreen forest with many kinds of plants and animals. You can hear it trumpet as you take pleasure in a type of jungle luxury which entails listening to the elephants’ trumpeting. There are areas in Wayanad where you can see natural plantations and fishing zones with water basins around. It is a great place to be for those who are looking for the best natural retreats that they can keep as memories.

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