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In today’s fast-paced world, finding time for prayer and Bible study can be challenging. However, with the right tools, such as prayer journals and Bible study notebooks, Christians can deepen their spiritual journey and strengthen their relationship with God. JD Books offers a collection of beautifully crafted journals designed to support believers in their prayer life and Bible study endeavors. 15% of all sales go to help children in need.

The Lord is My Strength Prayer Journal: Experience the power of prayer with “The Lord is My Strength Prayer Journal.” This elegantly designed journal features 120 pages dedicated to writing prayer requests for family, friends, and oneself. It includes sections to create prayer lists, jot down daily scripture verses, offer praise and thanksgiving, and reflect on your growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Whether you’re seeking guidance, comfort, or strength, this journal serves as a valuable companion on your spiritual journey.

Watch With Jesus Prayer Journal: Named after the poignant verse in Matthew 26:40–41, the “Watch With Jesus Prayer Journal” invites believers to spend intentional time in prayer with the Lord. Inspired by Jesus’ plea to his disciples in the garden of Gethsemane, this journal encourages users to dedicate moments of focused prayer, just as Jesus desired from his disciples. With its thoughtful prompts and ample space for reflection, this journal helps cultivate a deeper connection with God through prayer.

Thy Will Be Done Prayer Journal: Find solace and surrender in the pages of the “Thy Will Be Done Prayer Journal.” Drawing inspiration from Matthew 6:10–13, where Jesus teaches his disciples the Lord’s Prayer, this journal encourages believers to align their hearts with God’s will. Through prayerful reflection and submission to God’s plan, users can experience a renewed sense of peace and trust in the divine providence of the Lord.

Bible Study Notebook: For the avid Bible enthusiast, JD Books presents the “Bible Study Notebook.” Tailor-made for those who delight in exploring the depths of Scripture, this notebook is an indispensable tool for Christian believers. Whether attending weekly sermons, participating in church Bible studies, or simply diving into personal study sessions, this journal provides a structured framework for engaging with God’s Word. With its organized layout and ample writing space, users can capture insights, reflections, and revelations gleaned from their study of the Bible.

As believers seek to deepen their spiritual walk and draw closer to God, JD Books’ collection of prayer journals and Bible study notebooks offers invaluable resources for nurturing faith, fostering intimacy with the Lord, and cultivating a vibrant prayer life. Whether you’re a pastor leading your congregation, a youth leader guiding young hearts, or a devoted Christian seeking to grow in discipleship, these journals serve as faithful companions on their journey of faith.

IF you are a Church Pastor, a Youth Pastor, or a Bible study Team Leader, we can make available these 3 Prayer Journals and the Bible Study Notebook at wholesale prices to benefit your congregration in their spiritual walk. Contact Us today! 15% of all book sales go to help benefit children in need.

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Prayer is alone time spent with God. This journal will help you get better focus in your prayer(s).


This prayer journal is for the prayer warrior who wants to keep watch with Jesus.


Strengthen your prayer life using this journal.


For any day of the week for private or group Bible study, this book will help you gain a better understanding of the Bible by taking notes.

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