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What Are The Different Types Of Security Guard Services?

Security is a domain that has its individual place in society. Defense is in itself an umbrella term that bifurcates further into the types of securities it offers to its consumers. Maintaining the law & peace of the place is something that the security makes sure is followed & taken care of. On the contrary , the type of security that is needed at various places is dependent on the individual traits & demands for it.

What Is A Security Guard Service?

Various domains across the globe ask for security as a service to be outsourced from a trusted security services agency. Marked as the best, the JSS group is a notable example of a security guards service that is respected & revered as a provider of security. Offering protection against expected threats is the simplest form of explanation for this term.

How many types of security?

The term security is an entity that houses a lot of types. Various guards for various requirements. The bifurcation is as simple as its usage. For example the guards that work in high profile environments need to be armed at all times because the level of threat is greater than the guards deployed at a restaurant or library. The level of security is in direct correlation with the threat & the amount of damage it can cause to a subject. Let’s have a look at some of the below mentioned security guard services that the JSS group offers.

Types of security guard services we offer at the JSS Group?

We have a track record of serving a wide range of clients and producing top-notch results with the help of our services. Having said that, we at JSS Security Services are regarded as one of the best security firms among our competitors because of our results-driven vision. Here listed below are some of the most sought after security guards services at JSS.

1. Mobile Guards

Mobile basically translates to moving. So in simple terms, mobile guards are guards that are always on the move. Unlike normal guards, they aren’t limited to being stationary. They rather patrol premises to make sure the security of the place is always taken care of. Malls & airports are common examples of where you can come across one of these.

2. Unarmed Guards

Guards that do not have access to firearms or deadly weapons on immediate basis while on duty are termed as unarmed guards. Usually found in CCTV monitoring rooms, theaters, etc.

3. Armed Guards

Guards that have access to firearms are the ones named as armed guards. They are well trained with the usage of weapons & have been licensed with the operations & utilizations of them.

4. Construction guards

Deployed on construction sites, they are the ones making sure that there is no trespassing that takes place in the premises. As a construction site is full of raw materials they need to be taken care of incase of thieves waiting to steal them & get them sold in the market.

5. Bodyguards

Be it high profile individuals or high profile environments, these make sure that there is no life threat to the ones that they are protecting. Working with politicians, celebrities, etc they offer physical protection.

6. Corporate Guards

Corporate guards are guards that are basically stationed in a business or corporate setup. Checking employee IDs & taking note of who enters & exits the premises is a basic explanation of their job profile.

7. Retail Guards

Guards that work with retail stores, be it groceries or other entities are called as retail guards. Frisking people & checking belongings are the main criterias for the job.


Security is an important aspect of every organization, hence the above types are deployed at various levels to make sure defense is an aspect that is taken care & is prioritized. The JSS group makes sure everyone gets the desired level of security services with a wide range of options to choose from.

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