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It’s been sometime since I wrote Pragna blogs. I got a little busy working on some new product ideas. However, it’s been an exciting time here at Pragna where we have just launched new products. The economy has improved, and new jobs are trickling in… But finding the “best” candidates for your job is still quite hard. Though there are new social technologies to assist hiring in the past few years; the hiring consultancies and commissions have not quite changed.

Tired of high recruiting fees and commissions?

The average commission rates in the recruiting industry are 20% of the salary, and that adds up to quite a large amount for a handful of hires. In my view such high placement fees and difficulty in hiring right candidates is resulting in lost opportunities in putting more people to work.

So we thought let’s challenge this practice of commission rates and come up with new products that helps our clients to hire faster and cheaper.

Fixed Price RPO – Flat $1800 monthly fee for any # of hires

How does it work? We assign a dedicated recruiter to work alongside your internal staff with specific weekly milestones for screening and sourcing. Typically they would source a minimum of 30-50 fully qualified candidates that meet all your criteria using job boards, social networking sites such as LinkedIn and zoom info and direct head-hunting.

Results: On an average, the recruiters will help our clients close between 1-3 FTE positions monthly. That’s savings of 85% for our clients – Even if you assume only ONE hire a month using our Fixed Price RPO model
Typical consultancy cost = $ 16k (@20% commission on $80k salary)
Pragna cost = < $ 2k

Our Commitment: We assign trained and highly qualified people who source candidates. They are typically engineers, graduates in your area, who can understand your domain quickly to source high quality candidates. If you are not satisfied with the quality of our work and sourcing, we offer no obligation warranty.

We look forward to saving a bundle of money for our clients and lower the unemployment rate!

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