Green Cooling Solutions: Panasonic Inverter AC

Panasonic inverter air conditioners offer the ability to change the compressor’s rotational speed. This enables it to cool and heat the area more quickly when it first starts up, while also requiring less energy to maintain the desired temperature. Fast cooling and low energy consumption thanks to the strong T3 inverter compressor.

Features of Panasonic Inverter AC

Accurate Temperature Management for increased comfort

The Panasonic inverter AC precisely maintains the temperature you’ve set for your room by varying the pace at which it operates. You may therefore take advantage of comfort and natural cooling whenever you need it.

Reduced Energy Use, Greater Savings

Their history of strict quality control sets us apart in the market, and we prioritize usability in our research and development. Consequently, Panasonic has sold more than 70 million air conditioners in Japan and throughout the world thanks to its more than 60+ years of experience.

Cooling Shower Head

Panasonic believes that air conditioners should do more than just cool the space; they should also improve comfort. Thus, people are not in direct contact with the chilly air. It uses a Shower Cooling function to supply the cool air from above. By doing this, the room is kept from being too chilly, and healthy air conditioning is achieved.

Low Voltage & Ampere

Panasonic air conditioners are specifically made to handle low voltage problems, which arise most frequently in Pakistan during the height of summer. It can run smoothly even at 150V, which is a low voltage.

Four-Way Swing

The 360° Air Flow feature distributes cool air in multiple directions to quickly cool every area of the room.

Condenser with Gold Fins

It is robust and long-lasting anti-corrosion. To improve its resistance to corrosion from air, water, and other sources, the condenser fins are coated.

The Safest Gas for Refrigerators

Due to its lack of detrimental impacts on the ozone layer, the environmentally benign R410A refrigerant helps create a more sustainable world.

Cooling via Vaporization

When the fine mist evaporates, the effect known as “vaporization cooling” lowers the air’s temperature by removing heat from it. The mist vaporizes easily due to its small particle size. As a result, cooling efficiency is great.

Green Cooling Solution of Panasonic AC

An eco-friendly mist system that provides perfect cooling in hot conditions and an alternate choice for stage effects is the Green Ambience Changer Flex, also known as the Green AC Flex. The ASEAN nations, where temperatures are consistently high, are the target market for the ground-breaking Green Ambience Changer Flex. It is the answer to several problems that not only make people uncomfortable but may also have an impact on their health.


  • Lower the outside temperature.
  • Avoid bad experiences on excursions.
  • A system for outdoor cooling so that people can enjoy outdoor activities.
  • Doesn’t feel damp when touched.
  • Substitutes hazardous smoke and fog in theaters.
  • Keep skin hydrated and prevent it from drying out.

Benefits of the Green Cooling System

You can get the benefit of buying the Panasonic AC by getting Panasonic AC for sale in Lahore.

Low-energy Outdoor Cooling

Outdoor spaces can be efficiently cooled by the Green AC Flex without exacerbating the greenhouse effect. By cooling bigger outside areas with its longer-lasting mist, it effectively reduces outdoor temperatures while consuming less electricity.

Lustrous Fine Mist

Up to 4°C can be taken off the outside temperature with this thin mist of water and low-pressure air. The thin mist particles quickly disperse, removing heat from the skin so it can be applied directly without leaving people feeling wet.

The Perfect Flexibility

The components of the mist system include a driving unit, nozzle unit, and control box with an integrated control function. A flexible resin pipe can be used to install the control box. This implies that it can be installed in a variety of current structures, including service areas and pergolas. 

Residential air-to-air

Systems for heating, air conditioning, and air quality, both split and multisplit. Many options, such as the hydroxyl radical technology known as nanoeTM X, enhance indoor air quality.

Aquarea Heat Pump From Air to Water

Systems for home hot water, air conditioning, and heating for a sustainable future. Up to 80% of the heat energy needed for Aquarea comes from the surrounding air.



You won’t feel wet even if the mist touches you directly because of how quickly its small particles evaporate. As an alternative, you’ll feel a pleasant chill. You can spray the mist directly on the body to provide instant relief from extreme heat. The heat from the air is absorbed by the Green Ambience Changer Flex’s ultra-fine mist as it dissipates. This will create a more chilly atmosphere and drop the outside temperature by as much as 4°C.


The tiny size of every mist particle makes it possible for the Green AC Flex to generate enough particles to cool a sizable outdoor space. Even at a proximity of roughly 0.6 to 1.0 m (ideal cooling distance), it offers a pleasant cooling sensation with practically no moisture feeling.


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