Health Insurance Services in Bangalore,

Comprehensive Health Insurance Services in Bangalore, India

In Bangalore, protecting your health is essential, and having the right health insurance is a necessity in today’s fast-paced life. At Finvest India, we provide top-rated, comprehensive health insurance services that cater to the unique needs of individuals and businesses in Bangalore.

Why Choose Finvest India for Health Insurance in Bangalore?

– Extensive Coverage: Our health insurance plans offer comprehensive coverage for hospitalization, surgeries, diagnostic tests, and more.

– Affordable Premiums: We provide competitive premiums that suit your budget while offering maximum coverage for your healthcare needs.

– Personalized Solutions: Our experts tailor health insurance plans to meet your specific requirements.

– Quick Claims Process: We ensure a hassle-free claims process, providing you with benefits when you need them the most.

Key Features of Our Health Insurance Services:

– Home Care/Domiciliary: Coverage for medical treatment at home when hospitalization is not possible.

– Modern Treatments: Coverage for advanced medical treatments like deep brain stimulation, oral chemotherapy, and robotic surgeries.

– Organ Donor Coverage: Medical expenses for organ donors’ in-patient treatment and harvesting costs.

– Emergency Ambulance: Coverage for road or air ambulance during emergencies.

– Booster+: Carry forward unutilized sum insured to the next policy year.

– ReAssureX: Triggers after the first paid claim in the policy’s life and stays forever.

– Pre & Post Hospitalization Medical Expenses: Comprehensive coverage for pre and post-hospitalization expenses.

– Lock the Premium / Lock the Clock: Premiums based on your age at the time of policy purchase.

– Shared Accommodation Cash Benefit: Daily cash benefits for shared room hospitalization in a network hospital.

– Health Check-Up: Annual health check-up benefit from the first day of the policy year.

Optional Benefits for Enhanced Health Coverage:

– Personal Accident Cover: Optional lump-sum payout for accidental death or disability.

– Hospital Cash: Additional payouts for miscellaneous expenses during hospitalization.

– Safeguard & Safeguard+: Optional benefits for added control and enhanced features.

Discounts for Added Savings:

– Standing Instruction Discount: Extra 2.5% discount on premiums for auto-debit payments.

– Doctor Discount: 5% premium discount for medical practitioners.

– Member Discount: Additional 10% discount for covering 2 or more family members in an individual policy.

– Tenure Discount: Loyalty rewards with discounts on multi-year policy terms.

What Are Covered in Our Health Insurance Policies in India:

– Hospitalization Expenses

– Doctor’s Fees

– Medication

– Diagnostic Tests

– Pre and Post-Hospitalization

– Ambulance Charges

– Day Care Procedures

– Organ Transplants

– Maternity and Newborn Care

Our Health Insurance Partners:

We work with leading health insurance companies in Bangalore to offer the best coverage options.

How to Claim Health Insurance from Finvest India:

– Inform Us

– Submit Documents

– Claim Processing

– Settlement

To avail of the best health insurance services in Bangalore and ensure comprehensive coverage for your healthcare needs, choose Finvest India as your trusted partner. Your well-being is our priority.

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