How to balance digital marketing and branding

How to balance digital marketing and branding


Are you drawn to immediate results?

Digital measures such as web advertising and SNS operations are useful for increasing awareness and acquiring potential customers, and many companies are likely to find them effective.

However, at the same time, marketers in the field are also asking, our digital initiatives are working well, but are we really okay with just doing it the way it is?”

These are tough times, and immediate results are expected from upper management. The effects of digital measures can be seen through numbers, and results such as lead acquisition are easy to understand.

Therefore, even if you want to promote branding from a medium- to long-term perspective if you are asked, So, how many people can you get?”, you won’t have anything to say in response.

As a result, marketing focuses on short-term measures. A sense of crisis is beginning to emerge from the field.


Our goal is to become a product or service that remains in consumers’ memories and is the first thing they think of. That’s branding. This is something that is built up through the accumulation of various corporate activities and cannot be achieved overnight.

We need to look to the future and work on goals, not just on the spot, but one year, three years, 10 years…

There are limits to achieving this through digital acquisition measures alone. Of course, digital measures are extremely important currently. It is not about which is more important, but rather we need to think about both digital and branding.


Branding increases the effectiveness of digital initiatives.

At Neo Marketing, we receive many inquiries from people who want to solve problems through digital operations. However, in many cases, it was branding that needed improvement, not digital measures.


For example, when we received a request to create our website. It was said that the purpose was to raise awareness of the products and services, but after repeated interviews, it became clear that the content of the services itself was difficult to understand and was not being communicated well in the first place.

In that case, rather than just launching a site, it would be better to solidify the image the brand is aiming for and clarify the content of the service, which would serve the purpose of raising awareness. You can create a system for them to become fans.

Specifically, we first design a slogan “tagline” that conveys our corporate philosophy and solidifies the pillars on which we will build our brand. Based on this, we developed a text “statement” and created a key visual that could be shared visually. By presenting a worldview through unified creativity, it becomes easier to permeate people’s memories and make it easier to remember the brand associated with it.

Establishing a brand is not easy, but progressing in branding can lead to short-term results.


For example, when deploying a web commercial. Let’s say you create a video for each of your company’s products, and at the end, you present a common word that is the key to your brand.

Having a solid brand image as a base allows you to present a common worldview while developing variations. In addition, you can find more effective communication from the commercials that received the most response, which can be utilized in your next digital strategy.


What we can do as a marketing company

Specialized agencies responsible for digital measures accumulate a huge amount of data and operate based on it, so they can efficiently target targets and implement the PDCA cycle within their budget. They show you the effects of numbers and make suggestions based on the numbers.

This measure is very rational and effective for “acquisition”. However, the next phase – I want to grow my business” and I want to increase my number of fans” – cannot be solved by just looking at numbers.


New Marketing covers everything from research to communication work and supports marketing that combines both branding and digital.


For example, we use the Photoshop Set Survey to clarify what strengths we should be promoting as a brand. You can explore the “category/entry point” that is the first thing consumers remember, and develop measures based on that.

Taglines and We utilize our research capabilities to make creative proposals, from the development of statements to the production of various visuals.

For example, when it comes to developing a tagline that will become the pillar of your brand, it is possible to hold a workshop with your best customers and decide on the concept. The message that emerges from the customer’s voice is powerful, not just the thoughts and perspectives of a single copywriter. This is possible because we are a marketing company that has strengths in copy and creativity, even more so than advertising companies.

Based on research, we cover a wide range of areas from acquisition measures to branding, so we can suggest what you should prioritize to address the issues you are facing within your limited budget. I’ll go.

Digital measures are developed quickly while monitoring the reactions of consumers, and branding is based on a medium- to long-term perspective. By proceeding with these two axes, each marketing measure will be effective.

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