How To View Who Disliked Your Video On Youtube

Youtube is a community that offers online video sharing as well as works as a platform that tends to educate people in every sector, be it related to food, education, information and technology, tourism, games and sports or upgrading any new skill; this platform provides you everything according to your needs. The YouTube community has over 2.5 billion monthly users who watch over a billion videos daily to gain knowledge or entertainment. YouTube provides everything for kids to even old aged. You can find music, movies, television, stories, sports, news and many more. This platform has impacted everyone’s life in one way or another; whether it is following your favourite content creator or making your videos, it promotes personal and professional growth for an individual. 


Being a youtuber has many perks and benefits of being an influencer that people admire and follow. Still, it also comes with the cost of facing many negative comments and the bulk of disliked videos. Having such a large following, you can still expect only some viewers of yours would like your content, and you have to pay attention to the fact that some of them who genuinely like your content will follow you and support you. Talking about liking and disliking the content, can we find out the viewers who disliked your videos on youtube? Well, the answer is no. We cannot determine who specifically that person was; one can only see the number of counts, the popularity or the unpopularity of the channel. The voting for liking and disliking the video goes anonymously. In this youtube community, the company provides users to freely vote for whatever they think about a particular viewer or creator, keeping the names hidden, or the viewers who disliked the videos will stay neutral and objective. You will doubt your work and content if you keep making videos and see many people disliking your content.


So with a few simple steps, you can not find out the person itself, but you can get analytics on the number of dislikes you get on the youtube channel. So firstly, you need to access through your desktop and not your phone and log in with valid credentials; then, you have to go to the creator’s studio to get access to all the information.

Now, by going to the dashboard, you can get all the information about the analytics of your channel, like the number of views, likes, dislikes and comments and shares on the dislikes metrics; you can see the graph, which shows the total number of dislikes you get in a particular video. And by clicking on geography, you can check if any person is spamming dislikes or inferior beings. Then you can check from here, but still, you need help finding the person on your channel.

You can get easy access to the particular country you are getting the maximum number of dislikes, but still, you cannot track the person who disliked your video.


YouTube Studio does show you the region, age, gender, and other metrics of the people watching your videos. So Users cannot know the identity of that particular individual, and it will remain anonymous.

So by following these steps, you can find out who disliked your videos on youtube :

Step 1: Sign In To YouTube > Go to the YouTube website > Write your log-in information > Click your account image on the top of the page. On the drop-down menu, click YouTube Studio.


Step 2: Go To Your YouTube Analytics > Look at the left panel of your account page > Find and click Analytics > Search for the See More option. Click it > You’ll be taken to a new screen showing you all the data from your channel.


Step 3: See Who Disliked Your Videos

Find the metrics options > Then go to the Interactions tab and hit Dislikes > YouTube will show you all the dislikes on every given video.


*Note – The Creator Studio won’t show you the users’ names disliking your other videos. However, you’ll still see their gender, world region, and age.


So the conclusion is that if someone has disliked your videos on youtube, you cannot find out about that person because the youtube community allows viewers to choose whatever they want in their feed. They are free to watch and like anything and everyone, but you can get the analytics of the likes, dislikes, someone who subscribed, unsubscribing what country of people are liking and disliking your videos the most. It will show you the complete graph of your videos and how many likes and dislikes you get. It will also show you the age, religion and gender of the person disliking your video so the youtube community can only provide basic details, not the anonymous person’s.



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