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The India Travel Trade Expo Nagpur 2024 (ITTE) is a trade expo for India’s travel and tourism sector. It was to be placed on January 26-28, 2024. This event provided a valuable opportunity for travel and tourism industry experts to network, discuss ideas, and display their services. It allowed both service providers and consumers to interact and discover the most recent options in the travel industry. Furthermore, the Tourism Fair Nagpur 2024 is another event where experts in the travel and tourism industries may network and share ideas. These events are critical for entering the Indian tourism industry, catering to both the B2B and B2C segments.


The India International Travel Exhibition (IITE) in Nagpur 2024 was planned to feature a diverse spectrum of exhibitors, including national and international tourist boards, airlines, hotels, tour operators, cruise lines, and other travel-related businesses.1. The event is projected to draw over 2000 individuals, with 50 exhibitors participating3. Some of the exhibition’s significant highlights are:
International and domestic tourist locations
Hotels and Resorts
Allied services.
The Tourism Fair Nagpur 2024 is another event that will take place in Nagpur, however the precise dates and exhibitors are not listed in the results.
The exhibition is projected to draw over 10,000 people and 500 exhibitors. The event is conducted by the India Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC).

If you want to attend the exhibition, you may register online at the official website. The registration price was INR 500 for individuals and INR 1000 for corporations.

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