Outdoor Festivals the Great Adventure for all Ages!

Ravers Co Raves can be daunting! The loud music, heaving, reverberating through your body. It’s an experience everyone should have at least once in their lives. When most people think of the word ‘rave’ they think about some non descript warehouse. A place where partygoers are lined up outside either waiting to get in or are out cooling down. These dancefloors are super warm, energetic places where anything can happen. When I say warm I mean the ceiling sweating type of warm. There is another place though, far more magical, so magical it has a mystic appeal. The people who arrive are never the same people who leave. 2000 people turn up to a paddock, and 2000 other people return home in their stead.

The idea that you could even arrive at one Outdoor Festival. Then leave from another. Transported through an interdimensional cosmic portal. This idea has been a consistent one in this ravers mind. The reality, is much more nuanced, outdoor Festivals have their own charm. After getting your wrist band the first mission is always the tent. Many a festival goer has said ah bugger it, joined the party. At the end of the weekend, Packing Away a tent that hasn’t been put up.

I’ll just put my air mattress on the grass, and sleep under the stars. The inexperienced festival attendee must be prepared for a baptism by fire. Surviving the elements to enjoy their favourite tunes in the way mother earth intended.

There’s something tribal to stomping barefoot on soft sand with hundreds, even thousands of people. To the sound of that solid loud bass. Then sleeping under the stars, or inside a tent. The next morning is special, if the music goes all night, remember to try find a flat camping spot. Try find a place with a hill between you and the music. This will allow for quieter evenings, and some sleep. Realising as you get older that going for three to five days with zero sleep is out of the question. This Raver follows the 3am rule: get to bed by 3 am for a rest. Good to party tomorrow night.

In the morning you’ll realise that you should probably eat something. There are options here, you can see what shops are available. You’re better off to cook some of your own food if you brought some. The smart move here is to only bring vegetarian food. Vegetables are safe to eat even after they’ve been defrosting in the chilly bin over 3 days.

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