Precious from Zimbabwe received financial aid to purchase land for crop production.

About Precious 

Precious Tembo is a Zambian young lady. And a nurse by profession. Currently working at Livingstone level 1 Hospital. She is also a small farmer and fully  involved in crop business. Precious have been involved in crop farming for the last 7 years. Precious was inspired by her parents into crop farming. Crop farming have been her passion since she was a child.Precious have a dream to expand and invest in her Farming Business.


Her current Business

Precious currently sells a variety of vegetable crops such cabbages, grapes, groundnuts, okra, beans and more crops when required by customers. She sell all these crops at a good profit. Precious wish to generate more income to buy more land for cultivation of more crops, seedlings and more plant crops for sale.


Financial Support from Dr David Render and the Team

wo months ago Precious reached out to Dr David Render and his Team and she was aided with some  funds to help her buy an additional land for crop farming,She also bought more seedlings and farming inputs and equipment to maximize her production rate. Precious said “Farming business is one of the most source of income and I want to take this opportunity to buy more land and increase the production of crop for sale, as I will be making more funds for myself and help my family and children” Thanks to Dr David Render and his team of philanthropists  for helping Precious Tembo to fulfill her dream.


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