Process To Apply For Driving License Online In India

To ensure that the process of applying for a driving license online goes smoothly, it is crucial to understand it.


It’s commonly known that to drive a car quickly on the road, you must have driving skills. These days, having a personal automobile that can transport you conveniently from one location to another is crucial. 


To be able to legally drive your car on Indian roads, you must first obtain a valid driving license, though, before you can accomplish any of the above. You would have to apply if you wanted a permanent driving license. for it independently.


You will first be issued a learner’s license when you apply online for a driving license. You would have to show up for a driving test administered by the local RTO (Regional Transport Office) once a month has passed. 


The authorities would conduct a thorough investigation and then make public the findings. You should obtain a learner’s license, which will serve as your temporary license while you practice driving before you apply for your permanent license.

What an Indian driving license (DL) entails

This is something you need to know before submitting an online application for a DL. You might think of the driving license as an official document issued by the Indian government on behalf of the various offices of the RTO of a certain state. 


Your license has allowed you to drive a wide variety of automobiles on Indian roads without any kind of internal oversight. The Indian Motor Tariff Act of 2002 states that you are not permitted to drive in India if your driver’s license is not now valid.

Can someone obtain auto insurance without a driver’s license (DL)?

You should be certain of this before completing the online driving license application. Do you drive a new car? Do you wish to immediately obtain insurance for it, even before obtaining a driver’s license? The good news is that it is indeed attainable.


 In India, obtaining auto insurance does not require a driver’s license. This is because you can purchase a car for your family and employ a driver to transport it.


For the same, a driver’s license would not be required. Nonetheless, knowing how to apply for a driver’s license is always a smart idea.


 Indeed, you do over here not even need a driver’s license to register your vehicle after you purchase it. But, a license would be required when filing a claim against your auto insurance policy; in that specific situation, the license would be crucial. This is particularly valid for claims involving unintentional harm.

India’s several driving license categories

When you apply online for a driving license in India, you need to be aware that there are three categories for all driving licenses. The vehicle that is being registered is classified according to its use and intent. Each of these varieties has a registration application in addition to distinct procedures.


The three types of driving licenses available in India are listed below: 

  • learner’s license
  • commercial driver’s license
  • private driver’s license.

Requirements to obtain a driver’s license in India

It’s important to understand your eligibility for a driving license before you apply for one online. The eligibility requirements are contingent upon various things, including the type of driving license you are attempting to obtain and the class of the vehicle. To begin with, as the candidate, you must have the appropriate documentation attesting to your age and residency status. Additionally, you need to demonstrate that you are knowledgeable about Indian traffic laws and regulations.

documentation required to obtain a driver’s license

The following documentation is required when applying online for a driver’s license to ensure that the procedure runs smoothly:


A license for learners

tenth-grade school report cards, birth certificates, PAN (permanent account number) cards, passports, and transfer certificates are examples of documents that can be used as proof of age.

health certification

documents proving your address, such as voter ID cards, ration cards, Aadhar cards, power bills, LIC (Life Insurance Corporation of India) bonds, and certificates of completion from approved driving schools; signatures on documents about the type of vehicle you plan to drive with the license.


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The online driving license application process

The steps involved in submitting an online application for a driver’s license are as follows:


Get the driving license application form from the Sarathi website.


If the applicant is a minor, the form must be printed and part D must be completed as well, with the assistance of a guardian or the applicant’s parents, at the nearest RTO. Fill out the form following the instructions provided and submit it.

submit the required paperwork with the application form. After the formalities are finished, you will receive a web-based application number that you may use as a reference to monitor the progress of your application.

What is an international driving permit?

If you wish to drive your vehicle outside of India’s borders, you can also apply for a driving license online. You are also permitted to drive outside of the nation if you possess such a license. It bears a resemblance to a passport.

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