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Spirals Care is a platform to finSpirals Care is a platform to find Doctors around you, The concept of SPIRALS was conceived in 2010 to connect patients with correct medical facilities through a technologically smart solution with best practices of the world in one system. The patent was approved in 2016 and was applied in USA, Canada, Australia, and India in 2017. The system is implemented in other countries and is currently launching in USA.Patients get a very user-friendly platform that is as simple as WhatsApp or Facebook. Secured, Powerful yet simple to use one patient centric platform to cater medical needs.Doctors get a solution that connects them with patients in the vicinity and even from remote and distant places. They get the intelligently designed website for themselves and visibility to the patients in various locations. The power of digital media and social platforms creates awareness in patients and visibility of Doctor’s expertise. This all is done apart from streamlining clinical processes and reduction of Front Desk Coordinator’s work.

A Vision is must to create a Mission and get it successfully implemented …

Design and develop a technology to bring healthcare on fingertips. With revolution in handheld devices (mobiles, tabs and Laptops), connect every patient with right a suitable Doctor for Right Treatment at First Time

… Vision of MAS LLC

SPIRALS Care provides distinct features which works bi-directional between Patients and Doctors and creates a perfect synergy between them to make treatments and preventive healthcare easy.


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