Top 14 Beauty PR Agencies to Fuel Your Brand’s Growth

The beauty industry is unique in its own ways and to stand out as a Brand in the market is the need of the moment if you’re trying to build your brand’s identity. To achieve this goal, you must check out the list of top PR agencies in India specialising in the beauty industry. Do you want to know why? Here are the key reasons why you should hire the team of experts in the best PR agencies in India

  1. Brand Awareness- By creating the forefront for your Brand in the beauty industry, you can elevate the brand’s identity by highlighting the spokesperson and services you provide. 
  2. Brand Value Optimization- A good PR company with its expertise in the cosmetic world will optimize your evaluation per the existing market trends. 
  3. Cost Effective- PR agencies offer their expertise to Beauty Entrepreneurs for a very efficient price as they have established their contact in the community. 


There are multiple PR agencies in the market, however, how to decide which PR company is the most suitable as per your requirements? Worry Not, as the answer can be found right here in the following list of best PR companies, refer to choose the best match for your Brand:

Fabric PR

Fabric PR & Marketing Limited is a London-based strategic fashion marketing agency & communications consultancy specializing in developing one-of-a-kind and engaging conversations between brands and their consumers across the fashion and lifestyle industries. 

ALL ABOUT Management

All About Management is an award-winning communication and luxury consultancy company specialising in the Fashion, Luxury, Beauty, and Lifestyle sectors. 


Merakii Group 

Merakii Group, an Integrated Marketing agency has a rich flair and expertise in building Creative PR campaigns for Fashion, Beauty and Wellness Brands by adopting innovative approaches to position fashion Brands as distinct, unique and experts in their craft. Through its versatile strategies, Company enhances the brand’s influence among its tailored audience, persuading them to enhance their lifestyle and thus help brands to build effective relationships with the audience. 

The Best PR Agency in Noida, Gurgaon

Coelho Comms

Delivering creative advertising for more than 25 years, Coelho Comms is a fashion and lifestyle agency. Their areas of expertise are public relations, production, and digital communication solutions. 


For more than 15 years, AMP3 PR has been a top beauty PR firm, offering exceptional cosmetics and PR services. They know how to make their clients stand out from the competition and have a deep understanding of the beauty market. 


POSH PR is a luxury branding and boutique public relations firm that focuses on forming alliances with global fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands. 

Michele Marie PR

Michele Marie PR is a prestigious full-service PR firm that specializes in fashion and beauty. They have effectively assisted clients in growing and succeeding in their respective sectors for more than 15 years.


Clover PR’s suite of services includes public relations, strategic consulting, and branding and design. By collaborating with the country’s leading media and influencers, they effectively engage target audiences and optimize brand presence.


De Primera

De Primera is a fashion marketing firm that focuses on accelerating brand recognition. They provide digital strategy, brand management, company growth, and content communication services with an emphasis on fashion and lifestyle.


Gloocal Communications

Gloocal Communications could be a key PR firm that gives comprehensive and cutting-edge PR administrations. They specialize in corporate notoriety administration, emergency administration, media relations, branding inquiries, and advanced showcasing. 

Dreamweaver Brand Communications

Dreamweaver Brand Communications could be a full-service showcasing organization that provides promoting, brand improvement, influencer & celebrity promoting, and open relations administrations for different businesses such as shopper item products, innovation, travel, mold, therapeutic, and mechanical clients. 



Ruddy PR is a boutique communications firm specializing in excellence, mold, and way-of-life brands. They are recognized for their devoted client benefit, long-standing media connections, spot-on brand procedures, and award-winning comes about. 



Set up in 2005 by Monique Tatum, Excellent Arranging Showcasing & PR (BPMPR) could be a NYC-based PR Firm/ Open Relations Organization specializing in Mold, Celebrities, Occasions, Master, and Sports PR. Based out of NYC BPMPR does get a full national and worldwide reputation for their clients. 


Janice McCafferty Communications, Inc.

Janice McCafferty Communications, Inc. is one of the best PR firms in the nation, specializing in all regions of hair care, cosmetics, excellent devices, body care, skincare, supplements, and nails. 


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