Top 6 Sex Positions to Try With call girl in chanakyapuri

When you hire a call girl for sex, you want the maximum satisfaction and enjoyment. And to enjoy to the fullest, you need to know some stuff. Sex position is an important part that most people who hire call girls ignore. While having sex in straightforward methods does the job, knowing different sex position can take it to next level. Continue reading to check out the best sex positions to try with call girl in chanakyapuri

Sex Positions to Try With call girl in chanakyapuri

Splitting Bamboo

Sometimes you might want to get into your chaps and ride around the bedroom after a stressful day. This ama Sutra sex position is perfect for you in that case. Assume missionary position by first lying on your back and having your partner climb on top of you. Next, lift one leg and place it against their head, resting it on their shoulder. Maintain the other leg extended on the bed. Penetration with a penis, finger, or a sex toy will feel much deeper when done with one leg up. Ask the call girl in chanakyapuri to kneel if you’re uncomfortable or find that your hamstrings aren’t as flexible as you’d like.


This position is a classic that gives you control over your partner. Most likely, you are already familiar with the basic technique: have your partner lie down, straddle them, and ride them into the horizon. The best thing about this specific position is that it gives the top partner complete control over the rhythm’s depth and cadence. It’s also among the greatest positions for pregnancy sex because of how easy it is to move.

Pushing the Cushion

A couch and a vibrator are needed for this enjoyable sexual position. Sit on the couch in the traditional dog position, with the receiving partner facing the back of the couch. Position a vibrator behind the pillow and press it up to your vagina. When your lover enters you from behind, the vibrator will arouse your clitoris and make the entire cushion come to life.

Octopus Position

Octppus is another great position to try with call girl in chanakyapuri. You need to position yourself between your partner’s wide legs while lying on your back. Draw yourself nearer to them, cross your legs over their shoulders, and let them to suck into you. Proceed to gently push it away from there. However, proceed cautiously, as it is simple for the strap-on or penis to come loose in this posture.

Reverse Missionary

For those who can pull it off, this one can be surprisingly enjoyable. However, it does require some flexibility. Assume a supine position on your back, with your partner’s head pointing in the direction of your feet. For balance, she willl probably have to be on their hands and knees. Then, they will push in and out as normal, most likely with small thrusts to keep you both where you are. If the call girl in chanakyapuri enjoys the anal stimulation, you can use your fingers to give them the stimulation you want. You can also hold their butt to help position her the way you want. 

Lounge Chair

To try the lounge chair position, place yourself on top of your partner, facing them, and then recline backwards, as you were lounging in a lounge chair, with your hands resting on the bed or your partner’s legs. From this point on, you and your partner can thrust each other or you can take a break and let your partner play with your clit. Even if your penis isn’t penetrating, sometimes having it inside your partner increases the clitoral pleasure. The G-spot stimulation is really enjoyable when reclining backward because of the angle that is created. 

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