What is Disc Herniation? Should I train or not?


Today we are going to talk about a problem that is very common. Everyone has felt sciatica at some point in their life, unfortunately it is the first sign that something is probably wrong with the spine or the nerves. This is a very common problem and should be approached smartly and optimistically.


A herniated disc is a change in the discs. Soft plates that serve as a kind of shock absorbers between the vertebrae on the spine. This change leads to the creation of a “protrusion, pocket”, so depending on the place where this change occurred, it exerts pressure on the surrounding tissue and leads to certain discomforts.


This is something that can affect any person, sitting incorrectly, sitting and standing for long periods of time, lifting weights incorrectly, etc.. Today, fitness is very popular and it seems like everyone is training, especially young people, and that’s why we have a lot of young people today with herniated discs. .


An MRI scan can help you a lot to get an insight into your condition, and then you will know in which stage you are.


The most common form of treatment includes physical therapy, chiropractors, and spinal decompression.

-Physical therapy is great for relieving pain and relieving stress on the part of the spine that is under pressure, this is something that anyone with a herniated disc should be doing.

-Chiropractors in my opinion may or may not help, I even consider this a risky therapy.

-Spinal decompression has proven to be very good in the treatment of herniated discs and something that solves the problem faster than other types of therapy.


So, should we train with this problem? Yes, but moderately and to the limits of comfort, without heavy weights, sudden movements, and unnecessary bending in the sense of lifting the load from the floor. Something that is extremely important here is to strengthen the abdominal muscles that actually hold the spine and take a lot of the load on themselves, so it is important to strengthen those muscles to take the load from the spine. In general, the whole body should be strengthened in order to better withstand external pressure, smart training can help you feel better, have no pain, and do everyday things. If you decide to lie down and rest in the hope of solving the problem, don’t be surprised if it gets worse. Physical activity is a cure for all if used wisely.

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