Confessions Of A Bongs Craftsman

Beginners who are just trying bongs may have no idea what this quirky gadget is all about.
It is based on a product that iterates on the traditional bong to allow consumers to better use it so that everyone can experience the happiness brought by cannabis.

What exactly does it offer you?

The most intuitive feeling is that when we use simple tools to drain herbs, we can not judge whether the heat is the highest in the first place, which makes it easy to miss the best-tasting period of dried herbs, because we can not solve the problem of heating materials.

This makes us have to be very urgent in the first hot moment to breathe in, too fast, too fast to get a sense of relaxation. Another is that we can not make full use of the concentrate, when the hot spot reaches the peak, the concentrate will be fully volatilized, many beginners can not absorb so much volatilization directly at one time, skilled people this makes a lot of volatilization waste, then you will find that having a cigarette holder is a wonderful thing.

It’s perfect for preventing cannabis extract from going to waste.
With the passage of time and the iteration of technology, it is not enough to have a good device function, in addition to having excellent quality, providing a certain emotional value is also an element of good bongs in this era.

Emotional value? Where can you tell?

Careful you will find that you can see a different look in lookah.
Trust me, man, this is not a sales pitch, this is a craftsman’s confession.
When we produce bongs, we often think about how to make an ordinary bong more effective and make people not just use it as a bong. You know, this is not a simple thing.
We needed to redefine the product, like an explorer in a forest swamp, tearing up the map and piecing it together without knowing the way forward, which in the eyes of ordinary people requires a lot of courage and is a very risky move, but brother, we did it because we believe that the product has a soul, and we need to find it.
Then the first hidden idea in the mind suddenly burst out.
“It’s too ugly!” is the first cry in our hearts, why is every bong, with a heavy, belonging to the last century of stainless steel heavy breath in the market? This is not the bongs we want.
So glass bongs came into being, and we needed a material that was heat resistant, beautiful, and healthier than traditional bongs. That is the glass, by the way, almost all the glass bongs on the market in the structure and appearance, can see the shadow of our products, we are angry but also pleased, anger is self-evident, gratified, as we just said, we define this market.
Why is glass good? High borosilicate glass is very heat resistant and does not burst easily, you can safely try to heat evenly on the applicator.
At the same time, high-borosilicate materials often have a high chemical stability rate, with acid and alkali resistance properties, that is, they will let you have a lot less trouble here and there. Finally, the material of the glass will make your bongs have high light transmittance, the surface is very smooth, and it is very easy to clean, which is the Gospel of many consumers who love to clean.
Ok, having identified these basic items, let’s come to a point that we can’t ignore – appearance.
We often think about a problem, whether to make a product can be used, or to make a product must be it.
We have repeatedly thought for a long time, that the former meets the basic needs of consumers, while the latter, under this premise, adds an abstract concept of art.
For us, art is a kind of beauty, and our creativity in the product is our understanding of aesthetics.
You can think of this as selling because I need to push open an aesthetic door to sell our ideas, which is the recognition of value.

How On Earth is Art Reflected in Glass Bongs?

Thanks to the ancient wisdom of crafts. It is important to know that it is difficult for us to accept the original taste because of the very heavy flavor of marijuana, so the blessing of a filter is unavoidable, which determines the basic structure of the bongs. To dilute the strong flavor of marijuana more thoroughly, you can see our “rivers” and “links”, in which 8 air outlets are set on the inner bladder. This allows the incoming gas to be more finely diluted at the bottom of the cup.
But do I just make eight catheters in there?
Based on the pursuit of beauty, this is unacceptable to me.
What then? Fortunately, God created Octopuses as well as humans.
The octopus’s eight tentacles are in a magical alignment to complete the initial conception of this design. We can turn the tentacles into catheters, and the octopus head into a tube head. When the smoke is inhaled, it flows along the octopus’s head to eight tentacles, and after the tentacles fully filter the smoke, it climbs up intensively, to its essence and its dross, to achieve a perfect cycle.
The idea of the design was complete, but we had another problem.
How is the process completed?

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